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Demeyere Frying Pans ControlInduc Frying Pan

Demeyere Frying Pan Controllduc Frying Pan (shown here without coating - full photo to follow).
Demeyere Frying Pan Controllduc Frying Pan (shown here without coating - full photo to follow)

The Demeyere Frying Pan ControlInduc, offers the very latest Demeyere technological innovation.

** When used on an induction hob, these pans cut out at 250oC to prevent overheating ** and protecting people from fumes given off in the burning process.

**New Dura slide coating **

Delivery - 2/3 weeks

  • 20cms rim diameter, 14cms base, 4.5cm high
  • 24cms rim diameter, 18cms base, 5.2cm high
  • 28cms rim diameter, 22cms base, 5.2cm high
  • 32cms rim diameter, 26cms base, 5.6cm high
  • 3 - 3.3m gauge

5 year warranty (0 yrs for professional use)

The ControlInduc technology is added to the other very high specification of the cookware, designed to optimise the frying, browning or braising process.

  • Multi layer material - with special alloy, all the way to the pan rim, maximising the even spread of heat throughout the pan
  • Duraslide 3 ply non stick coating - highly durable, with exceptionally good long-term non-stick properties and improved scratch and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to clean - Silvinox unique surface treated 18/10 stainless steel on outer pan: fingermark resistant and with NO internal rivets to accumulate bacteria
  • For use with
    • dishwasher safe
    • all cookers including induction - Demereye recommend ONLY using with Induction as overheating can occur with other hobs and cause damage to the non stick surface
    • the perfect coating for gentle, low-fat frying of vegetables, eggs and fish
    • ovenproof
    • wood or silicone utensils - no sharp utensils, thus avoiding damaging the non stick coating
  • Welded, cast handles - 18/10 stainless steel, developed to minimise heat absorption
  • Energy Efficient - using a combination of induction cooking, and the excellent conductivity in the pan base

"Dear Matthew and Clare, ... I am delighted with the Demeyere pans, they cook beautifully and are easy to clean... I was also impressed with the communications I received from the company, I find it so rare to be kept in touch with orders and everyone I spoke to in the organisation was always very helpful and pleasant" K.Clark,

The Demeyere Frying Pans Brand

  • Made in Belgium
  • 5 Year Guarantee on Non Stick Pans (not applicable for Professional Use)
  • 30 Year Guarantee (10 Year for Professional Use) for S/Steel Pans
  • Pioneers in Cookware Technology
  • Internationally Recognised by Renowned Chefs

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