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Cast Iron Cookware Guide

Cast-iron pans and frying pans have been used for centuries as a cooking material. There are several real benefits:

  • Cast iron is a great material for holding in heat and distributing it evenly, without hotspots
  • It is extremely hard wearing - just follow the care and use guidelines and it really should last you a lifetime
  • Cast iron does not warp and will remain flat bottomed
  • Cast iron retains the heat long after removing from the stove, so keeping food warm
  • It can withstand high temperatures so is great for searing or frying
  • Its non-stick, heat retaining qualities are also ideal for slow cooking meals, which intensify the flavours
  • Cast iron is "non stick" if seasoned well and when oil has penetrated the pan surface
  • This traditional way of creating "non stick" means that some sticking can still occur but it helps to brown, braise and reduce meals better

Do bear in mind:

  • Cast iron is heavy and may not be suitable for those who have difficulty lifting
  • Pans do need to be reseasoned regularly if they start to show signs of rust or give a "metallic" taste
  • You do need to follow the care and use instructions

Enamelled cast iron , like Staub, is cast iron glazed with powdered glass. The enamel:

  • Prevents rusting - which can be a problem with bare cast iron if not looked after carefully
  • Is fired at 900 degrees and is very durable when used with high heat
  • Can be both shiny and matt - Staub's view is that the matt enamel is better because it allows the oil to penetrate to pores and create a better non stick surface. It is also much stronger and chip resistant
  • Matt enamel avoids the need for reseasoning of the pan


Staub products are enamelled both inside and out, including the matt black finish.

The cookware cannot claim to be "non stick" but over time creates a non stick surface, as happens with cast iron.

The enamel is chip resistant but may break if it is dropped on a hard surface.

The black enamel camouflages any brown stains that can occur naturally as part of the cooking process.

The more you use your product the more its performance improves because oils used in cooking penetrate the enamel pores and create a natural, smooth non-stick surface.

Each piece in the Staub range has been individually cast in a sand mould. Each mould is unique, and is destroyed after each use, meaning that every piece is unique.

Certain precautions must be taken in order to preserve the quality and effectiveness of the cookware - please click here for full use and instructions.

Staub products undergo some of the most rigorous tests possible in order to guarantee their long-lasting performance and to bring out the flavours of your food.

As each product is unique and hand crafted, slight imperfections may appear.

These imperfections are not in any way flaws, but reflect their handmade crafting. The flavour of your food will not be affected.

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