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Bartscher Apexa Cookware

A full instruction manual is enclosed with each of Bartscher's Apexa electric frying pans. These instructions and details have been selected from this manual - you should read the full manual before using, however.

Use of the Multi Pan

1. Place the multi pan on a stable, horizontal, level surface

2. Make sure the pan is thoroughly cleaned, and wash before first use.

3. Set the temperature scale on OFF make sure the temperature controller or thermostat is plugged in at the side - and set to the temperature you want

4. Plug in to a 240V socket

5. Wait about 5-10 mins until the control light is fully on to show that the correct temperature has been reached

We advise using the lid for pizza, steak, grilling with foil, hamburgers, scrambled eggs, pancakes and other fried meals

Don't use sharp utensils on the non-stick surface


The multi pan is only intended for the preparation and heating up of food, not to warm or heat water only, or to heat liquids that contain sugar, sweeteners, acids or alcohol.

Make sure that the cable is laid out so it cannot get heated or damaged or covered in water.

Take care not to touch hot parts when the pan is in use.

The thermostat is sensitive - avoid shocks or knocks, keep the sensor and the poles clean

If the thermostat is damaged or overheated switch off and DONT use before having it repaired

Cleaning and Care

Make sure the pan is cold before you clean

DON'T submerge in water or other liquid

Use a soft cloth with no abrasive surface to avoid scratches

A bit of washing up liquid and a damp cloth are enough to clean it - cover the socket with your hand to prevent water entering in it.

DON'T wet the thermostat

Clean after each use - residues can lead to permanent sticking or burning in.

After drying apply a thin coating of cooking oil


  • Don't store outside
  • Keep dry and dust free
  • Don't expose to direct sunlight
  • Store on a flat, vibration free place
  • Make sure the cable does not touch heat sources or sharp edges so it could get damaged.
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