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Staub Cookware

Before first using your Staub cookware please read the following:

You can use your Staub cookware straight away but if you would like to create a more non-stick surface quickly, then season the pan as follows:

Rinse your product with hot water. Leave it to dry on a low heat, then smear the interior with a little vegetable oil. Heat it on a low heat for a few minutes and wipe away the surplus oil with a cloth. The oil will have penetrated into the pores of the enamel, creating a naturally smooth surface. Feel free to repeat the operation if you wish.

Your product is now ready to use!

Precautions for use:

  • Enamelled cast iron must be heated gradually
  • Use a medium heat - a high temperature is not necessary because of the heat retaining qualities of the pan - and reduce heat gradually
  • Select a flame size smaller or equal to the base area of your product
  • Enamelled cast iron is compatible with hot plates. In this case, preheat your item at one third strength for 5 minutes. You can then use the full strength of your hot plate. (The booster option should be used with care)
  • On glass-ceramic and hot plates, take care to lift the product and do not allow it to slide, in order to avoid damaging the cooking surface and the base of the container
  • Use silicone, plastic or wooden utensils. Metal utensils can harm your product?s enamel.
  • In order to avoid burns, always use an oven glove or other protective glove.
  • Do not place cookware on non-protected surfaces while still hot.
  • Your product may chip or break if it falls onto a hard surface
  • You can place your item in the oven (with the exception of utensils with wooden handles).
  • Do not use this item in the microwave
  • Allow your product to cool for at least 15 minutes before placing under cold water


  • Wash your utensil with hot water, using washing up liquid and a natural sponge.
  • Use a standard sponge and washing up liquid. Do not use bleach
  • If any food residues remain stuck to the product, do not use abrasive or corrosive products, scouring powder or metallic pads. Instead, leave to soak in hot water, then remove the residues using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Wipe your product well with a clean cloth and leave it to dry naturally before storing it away.
  • You can clean your cookware in the dishwasher (with the exception of utensils with wooden handles), but Staub do not recommend overly intensive use, as modern cleaning products may cause damage in the long term.
  • Knobs and handles may become unscrewed with use. You should therefore check this from time to time and retighten screws if necessary
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